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Rezensionen zu: PLB McMurdo Fastfind 220

PLB McMurdo Fastfind 220

Datum: Monday, 20. July 2015

Autor: philippe Domogala

Rezension: I bought it to go gliding in France . But it is a UK PLB, to be registered in the UK, which replied they have at least 10 weeks delay to do so ( i.e after the flying season )
Plus I was told that if activated in France, being a UK PLB, the UK will be given SAR authority first, then, based on location , will pass it on to France, , which will mean delay in sending rescue , typically 20-30 min more than if it was a French PLB registered in France.

I am not sure this is known to everyone buying PLBs in your site.

Hopefully I never have to use it.

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